League Top Hitters

 Player type team cas
1   Crazy E Cletus  Norse Berserker New Memphis Pretenders retired 46
2   Wacho Croakz  Slann Blitzer Cesspool Longshanks retired 29
-   Line Bounty (20000 gp) Human Blitzer Små Blå Nonner  29
4   Niko Butcher Longfoot  Chaos Dwarf Blocker The Bloody Shirts retired 25
-   Bas Las  Underworld Skaven Blitzer Magic Loonies retired 25
6   muhaha dead Treeman woodi retired 23
-   Timmy "Duke" Naylor  Human Blitzer Damage Deluxe retired 23
-   Beardface  Chaos Minotaur Black Marsh Man-Herders retired 23
9   Brittlegrill Toxhat  Hafling Treeman Toadstool Trollshrooms retired 22
10   Thor Minos  Minotaur The Bloody Shirts retired 21
-   He'rat'pes zoster  Skaven Blitzer The Rat Infesters retired 21
-   Claus Wolverine Smithy  Chaos Dwarf Blocker The Bloody Shirts retired 21
13    Revenant  Mummy Bony Bastards retired 20
14   Oluwasegun  Hafling Treeman Giant Poisoners retired 19
-   Sharhakk Goldarm  Chaos Dwarf Blocker The Little Shitheads retired 19
-   Bo  Chaos Dwarf Blocker mean machine retired 19

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Forsvarende mester
Team Spirit
Coach Prize

Latest matches:
Sæson 19, 3rd place
  3    Flying High
  0    Gullivers disciples

Friendly Cup, round 10
  2    Toxic City Lunatics
  6    Ratpack
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