League Top Killers

 Player type team kills
1   Crazy E Cletus  Norse Berserker New Memphis Pretenders retired 7
2   Timmy "Duke" Naylor  Human Blitzer Damage Deluxe retired 6
-   Whiskers  Rat Ogre Warpstone Gizmos  6
-   Niko Butcher Longfoot  Chaos Dwarf Blocker The Bloody Shirts retired 6
5   Bas Las  Underworld Skaven Blitzer Magic Loonies retired 5
6   Poul Dissing  Underworld Skaven Blitzer Insane Magicians  4
-   Sharhakk Goldarm  Chaos Dwarf Blocker The Little Shitheads retired 4
-   Apophis  Khemri Anointed Blitzer Psy. retired 4
-   lion  Troll green lions  4
10   Roland Garros  High Elf Lineman Flyboys retired 3
-   Zumo retired Ogre No Brain Here  3
-   Duke Nosferatu.  Vampire Blitzer Full Moon Brawlers  3
- profile Freddy dead Minotaur FC Polo retired 3
-   Torox Hammerblow  Ogre Cloverfield Scarecrows retired 3
-   Wanug Wants to retire Orc Blitzer green lions  3
-   Beardface  Chaos Minotaur Black Marsh Man-Herders retired 3
-   Kaz'ku  Chaos Dwarf Blocker Chosen of Zharr-Naggrund retired 3

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