League Top Scorers

 Player type team TD
1   Ulle P Bounty (40000 gp) Human Catcher Små Blå Nonner  51
2   Ghilas Rabbitfoot  Wood Elf Catcher Soaring Eagles retired 41
3   sussi  Wood Elf Catcher woodi retired 38
4   Bu'Ha'Bip  Wood Elf Catcher Woodland Sentinals retired 35
5    Ruud van Seeberg  Human Catcher Damage Deluxe retired 33
6   gutti  Gutter Runner FC Danish retired 30
7   Mort Fungus  Halfling Hopeful Toadstool Trollshrooms retired 28
8   Hotte Lotte Bounty (60000 gp) Human Catcher Små Blå Nonner  27
9   Djarnis Drengen  Gutter Runner Underdark Rustriders retired 26
10   Jain Zar  Wood Elf Catcher Woodland Sentinals retired 24
11   Romiah Bounty (100000 gp) Wood Elf Catcher Woodland Renewel  23
-   Brusha Nurgbasher  Bull Centaur The Bloody Shirts retired 23
-   Squishy Smoochy  Slann Catcher Cesspool Longshanks retired 23
-   Mini Dip  Bull Centaur mean machine retired 23
15   Zuberi  Khemri Anointed Thrower Cursed all Stars retired 22

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Forsvarende mester
Team Spirit
Coach Prize

Latest matches:
Sæson 19, 3rd place
  3    Flying High
  0    Gullivers disciples

Friendly Cup, round 10
  2    Toxic City Lunatics
  6    Ratpack
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